At RAW Organic Tanning Studio we treat our male clientele as uniquely as we do our ladies.  We understand that whether the Melbourne business executive or the muscular body enthusiast you want to have a healthy, well kept appearance.
Our male clients are split between the busy professionals who seek us out for the natural look and men wishing to enhance the look of the muscular features.  Some men come to RAW Organic Tanning Studio for an event tan and end up coming back to keep the look they loved!
At RAW Organic Tanning we allow men to tan in as much or little clothing as they feel comfortable.  Body hair is not an issue thanks to our state of the art equipment that shifts hair during the treatment.  It is best to shave your face hours before your spray tan session as shaving afterwards will strip some of your new colour. Electric razors are a better option after you’ve been bronzed.
 See our preparation guide before your bronzing session.