A Spray Tan will not prevent your skin from burning when exposed to the sun-
sunscreen is a must!
The length of time your tan will last depends on your skin type as well as the moisturizers and the treatments you apply.  Healthy, hydrated skin will keep your tan longer and achieve color faster.  Ask us for a recommendation of the best products for your skin and program.
*Come to your appointment clean showered with no moisturizers, deodorant, makeup or perfume to prep skin for best absorption.​*


Be sure to EXFOLIATE prior to your appointment. This is one of the most important bits to having a great tan! Come to us a blank canvas without any makeup, deodorant or lotions on your skin.
Shave the night before you receive treatment for the best results.  Shaving right before can cause tan to fill the pores and leave dark dots all over your skin.  Rinsing with COLD water after shaving will help close up your pores.
Be sure to exfoliate all areas of your body to be bronzed and pay extra attention to your elbows, knees and feet. Most importantly get rid of any old tan that may be on your skin; we need a blank canvas to give the best results. Loofa gloves or dry brushing is suggested for the body.    
If this is not possible we provide a skin preparation service.
Remember to be gentle with your skin- irritated, unhappy skin does not produce the best result.
After your bronzing session you will want to wear dark, loose clothing for at least eight hours. Tight clothing will cause your tan to develop unevenly. Don't forget your thongs! This will also be the time to let the girls go free to aviod your bra from damaging your new tan.
If you have any medical condition that could be aggravated by the use of spray tan solution, please consult a physician prior to your appointment.


Your consultant has been trained in professional application techniques and will work with you to achieve the best results possible for your skin.  Some skin types may require more than one application.
Before you are bronzed we will prepare your palms, feet, cuticles, and elbows with organic lotions and oils.
Spray treatments are designed for external use only.  The bronzing solution will not penetrate the hair follicles but could potentially stain the outermost porous portion of the hair.  We provide & recommend the use of disposable hair caps to protect this area.
We supply ‘sticky feet’ and disposable undies if you choose
to use them.  Alternatively some clients prefer to wear their own clothing or go for the zero tan line result.  You are welcome to wear whatever you feel good in.  Some clients go nude and some wear dark bra’s and panties.  Male or female- the choice is yours; we are professional and discrete and are here to give you the look you want. 
As you are being bronzed you’ll be instructed into a few easy poses.  Once you've been bronzed you can immediately get dressed.
Wearing dark loose fitting clothing for six to eight hours after the session will ensure that the development of your tan will not be impeded.
We suggest that you begin lightly exfoliating four to five days after your tan to ensure an even fading of your tan. When you are ready to lose your tan we suggest enjoying a bath with coconut or baby oil (as well as any oil based products).  Spend 5 -10 minutes soaking then use an exfoliating glove in the bath to scrub and exfoliate.
*Be careful-  baby oil is slippery in a bathtub!*
Prior to your next appointment spend some time removing any remaining tan from you skin by having hot showers or baths. You can increase the speed of exfoilation using a body scrub (Pacific Sunrise Coffee Scrub is the BEST exfoliator we've ever tried!) or a mitt but be careful not to irrate the skin. Please check the back of your neck as this seems to be one area tanners forget to check. 
The following are home-made tan removal ideas.  If you try these alternatives please use caution as we have not tested and do not endorse the following tan removal treatments:
  • Solvol soap (available from Coles) is great for getting tan line marks off around hands and wrist (gritty).
  • Napisan or whitening toothpaste mixed with a little water is great for spot removal for areas like ankles, hands, knuckles, wrists.
  • Baking soda mixed with soap & exfoliating gloves or lemon juice.